Westin Promotion
Box 104, 432 23 Varberg
Besöksadress: Kungsgatan 32
E-post: info@westinpromotion.com

Filial i Stockholm:

STIM huset, Hornsgatan 103, plan 12


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About Westin Promotion

Westin Promotion is one of Sweden's leading companies of independent promotion of music, entertainment and culture. The company has expanded their network over the years, and with 30 years of experience, Westin Promotion has established contacts over several businesses such as crucial long-lasting and good relations with all types of Swedish media. Westin Promotion offers custom-made solutions for each client's individual requirements. The company is also the owners of Westin Publishing and members of the Swedish publishing association, SMFF.  

Anders Westin

Anders Westin has been working in the business of music and entertainment for over 30 years. He started his career at the record company PolyGram in Stockholm, where he worked through the years 1979 - 1988. Since then Anders has worked for Video Unlimited, Maxi Music and for Dirocco. In 1993 he opened up the Danish record company CMC Records in Sweden.Westin Promotion was established in 1996 in Varberg, Sweden.

Contact us

For more information about the company and international license please contact:

Westin Promotion AB
Box 104, 432 23 Varberg, Sweden

Anders Westin
Telephone: +46 340 67 77 24
Mobile/cell: + 46 708 77 37 07